no drilling required

by nie wieder bohren

A premium line of accessories for tile, natural stone, glass, metal, wood, and plastics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of surfaces is the nie wieder bohren system suitable for? Almost any smooth or rough surface is suitable if it is firm and able to bear the load in question. The nie wieder bohren system is perfect for high-quality materials that one does not want to damage by drilling. nie wieder bohren is suitable with ceramic (tiles), stone, marble, granite, glass, concrete, metal, wood and most plastics*. Unsuitable surfaces, on the other hand, include soft plaster, wallpaper, sheetrock and textiles (such as carpets), which do not provide sufficient firmness and support for surface attachments: There is no adhesion to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon). These surfaces are rarely found in tub surrounds or bath enclosures. Although we have described as many examples as possible, our instructions can cover only some of the many surfaces and surface treatments that are suitable. The user is therefore advised to make preliminary tests when considering other types of surface. *For grab bars we only recommend and warranty for use on natural stone, tile, glass, metal and concrete due to ADA requirements and because the surface must be flat, rigid and free of debris, coatings and sealants.

2. Will the system work on rough surfaces too? Surface texture is not a factor that affects the bonding strength of the nie wieder bohren adhesive. However, the surface must be flat to match the adapter and should not have any large gaps that would let adhesive escape under the adapter ring. In fact, a slightly rough surface affords even better adhesion owing to the improved mechanical contact. To completely remove the silicone-like adhesive from the gaps and pores of rough surfaces, it is necessary to use a silicone remover, pure alcohol and a coarse brush.

3. Can I use the system outdoors as well? Yes! The adhesive will not decay, withstands UV radiation, is water-resistant and is not damaged by freezing (however, it should be applied at a temperature between 40 and 105F (+5 and +400C).

4. Will the system fail over time? Absolutely not! Once the nie wieder bohren system has been properly attached, its special single-component adhesive will ensure a permanent bond. Moreover, it will retain its elasticity and not fray the way many textile adhesive tapes do after only a few weeks. Moreover, short impact loads will not cause the adhesive surface to crack, as often happens with two-component adhesives that harden to form a crystalline connection. The nie wieder bohren system is a totally new experience in bonding technology!

5. I followed the instructions carefully, but the adapter still fell from the wall. Why did that happen? According to our experience, if the nie wieder bohren system fails to deliver what we promise, it's usually for one of three reasons. Each of these reasons has to do with improper conditions for bonding. From the so-called fracture pattern of the adhesive on the back of the adapter, one can easily determine what the problem is. a. Cavities in the adhesive- caused by disturbing (pressing down) the adapter after inserting adhesive which causes air pockets and limits the bond. b. Insufficient curing time- caused by trying to mount the accessory prior to the suggested curing time of 12 hours (Grab bars recommend 24 hours) c. Separation at surface- caused by not cleaning surface properly prior to installation. Be sure to use rubbing alcohol only and allow to dry completely (1 hour) to be sure the surface is free of all household cleaners, grease, soap deposits etc. Surface can be textured but it is necessary that the surface be flat on plane to prevent ongoing surface tension on the adhesive. When installing a grab bar as example, be sure the bar lays flat against the surface on both ends prior to mounting.

6. Can the adhesive cause damage to surfaces? No. We know of no load-bearing material that would be harmed by the chemical substances in the nie wieder bohren adhesive.

7. Is the adhesive toxic? No. Contact with skin is harmless. After use, rinse off with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes, keeping the eyelid open. If adhesive is swallowed consult a doctor immediately.

8. Is the adhesive free of formaldehyde? Yes.

9. How should I dispose of the adhesive? You can put hardened or dried adhesive remnants right into the household trash. The same applies to the adapter after dismantling.

10. How long will the adhesive keep in the tube? The adhesive itself is non-decaying, so theoretically it keeps forever. However, since it is difficult to process the adhesive and put it in storage without bringing it into contact with air, it may gradually harden in the tube over a long time. We therefore guarantee a minimum durability of 18 months. The end date of this 18¬month-period is imprinted on the top fold of the tube in the format DD/MM/YY. If you find you have a tube which has expired, contact us for a replacement.

11. Is the adapter reusable? No. The adapter is designed to be used one time based on the patented “pass through” technology needed for curing. To remount your accessories it will be necessary to purchase another adapter kit.

12. Can one use the system to attach objects other than those that are supplied together with the nie wieder bohren system? The system is designed to be used only with the nie wieder bohren accessories. We now carry many different types of products which offer this technology. These include bath accessories; grab bars, hooks, kitchen rail accessories and door stops.

13. How does the hard surface adapter technology work?

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no drilling required by nie wieder bohren is a line of premium accessories for tile, natural stone, glass, metal, wood, and plastics, which mount without drilling using a patented German-made mounting system.